Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about turkey.

  1. Nutrition
    Does Honeysuckle White® Turkey contain gluten or MSG?
    Are turkeys injected with or fed hormones?
    What meat has the highest protein and the lowest fat?
  2. Storing
    Can I safely freeze a Honeysuckle White® Fresh Natural Turkey?
    How long can a turkey be stored?
    How long can you store leftover turkey dishes?
  3. Thawing
    How should I thaw my frozen turkey?
    How long will it take to thaw my frozen turkey?
  4. Cooking
    What are giblets?
    What's the right way to stuff a turkey?
    How do you cook a larger bone-in-turkey breast?
    How do I cook a turkey that is over 25 lbs.?
    Can I deep fry a turkey with the plastic pop-up timer in it?
    Should I remove the hock lock when I deep fry a turkey?
    How can I microwave a turkey?
    Will a turkey cook faster in a dark roaster?
    Why did the pop-up timer fail?
    Why was the timer dislodged?
    Can I roast a turkey in a brown paper bag?
    What is a self-basted turkey?
    Do I need to baste my turkey?
    How much does the giblet package weigh?
    Do I have to remove the giblet packet?
    How do I cook a bone-in breast?
    What is the plastic device that is on my turkeys legs?
    Can I cook a turkey with the plastic hock lock?
    How do I remove the plastic hock lock?
    Should I brine my turkey?
    How do I grill a turkey?
    How do I deep fry a turkey?
    How do I smoke a turkey?
  5. Turkey: The animal
    Where are Honeysuckle White® turkeys raised?
    What are turkeys fed?
    Are Honeysuckle White® turkeys grown free range?
    How do you maintain animal welfare standards?
    Do turkeys fly?
    What causes a turkey to have excess fat?
    Are turkeys cloned?
  6. General
    What does "basted" or "self-basted" mean?
    What does "free range" or "free roaming" mean?
    What's the definition of "fresh poultry"?
    What's the definition of "frozen poultry"?
    What is a "hen" or "tom" turkey?
    What defines a "natural" turkey?
    What does the term "no antibiotics" mean?
    What does the term "no hormones" mean?
    What makes a product "organic"?
    Why did my turkey come without a neck?
    Why did I get multiple necks?
    Why did I receive very little white meat?
    Why is white meat white and dark meat dark?
    What causes dark bones?
    What causes pink meat?
    How much water is held in a muscle?
    Why would the turkey's wing be cut off?
    Why is the turkey still bloody although the timer popped?
    Why are there still feathers on my turkey?
    Does a tom turkey taste different from a hen turkey?
    What does "Grade A" mean?