Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Here you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about turkey.

  1. Our Story
    Why have growth-promoting antibiotics been removed from, and the USDA Process Verified seal added to, Honeysuckle White brand turkeys?
    Where are Honeysuckle White brand turkeys raised?
    What do you mean by antibiotics will only be used for the treatment of illness or prevention of disease?
    How much will the turkeys raised without growth-promoting antibiotics cost?
    When will more Honeysuckle White brand turkey products raised without growth-promoting antibiotics be available?
    Where can I get a Honeysuckle White/Honeysuckle White brand turkey raised without growth-promoting antibiotics for Thanksgiving?
  2. Nutrition
    Does Honeysuckle White® Turkey contain gluten or MSG?
    Are turkeys injected with or fed hormones?
    What meat has the highest protein and the lowest fat?
  3. Storing
    Can I safely freeze a Honeysuckle White® Fresh Natural Turkey?
    How long can a turkey be stored?
    How long can you store leftover turkey dishes?
  4. Thawing
    How should I thaw my frozen turkey?
    How long will it take to thaw my frozen turkey?
  5. Cooking
    What are giblets?
    What's the right way to stuff a turkey?
    How do you cook a larger bone-in-turkey breast?
    How do I cook a turkey that is over 25 lbs.?
    Can I deep fry a turkey with the plastic pop-up timer in it?
    Should I remove the hock lock when I deep fry a turkey?
    How can I microwave a turkey?
    Will a turkey cook faster in a dark roaster?
    Why did the pop-up timer fail?
    Why was the timer dislodged?
    Can I roast a turkey in a brown paper bag?
    What is a self-basted turkey?
    Do I need to baste my turkey?
    How much does the giblet package weigh?
    Do I have to remove the giblet packet?
    How do I cook a bone-in breast?
    What is the plastic device that is on my turkeys legs?
    Can I cook a turkey with the plastic hock lock?
    How do I remove the plastic hock lock?
    Should I brine my turkey?
    How do I grill a turkey?
    How do I deep fry a turkey?
    How do I smoke a turkey?
  6. Turkey: The animal
    Where are Honeysuckle White® turkeys raised?
    What are turkeys fed?
    Are Honeysuckle White® turkeys grown free range?
    How do you maintain animal welfare standards?
    Do turkeys fly?
    What causes a turkey to have excess fat?
    Are turkeys cloned?
  7. General
    What does "basted" or "self-basted" mean?
    What does "free range" or "free roaming" mean?
    What's the definition of "fresh poultry"?
    What's the definition of "frozen poultry"?
    What is a "hen" or "tom" turkey?
    What defines a "natural" turkey?
    What does the term "no antibiotics" mean?
    What does the term "no hormones" mean?
    What makes a product "organic"?
    Why did my turkey come without a neck?
    Why did I get multiple necks?
    Why did I receive very little white meat?
    Why is white meat white and dark meat dark?
    What causes dark bones?
    What causes pink meat?
    How much water is held in a muscle?
    Why would the turkey's wing be cut off?
    Why is the turkey still bloody although the timer popped?
    Why are there still feathers on my turkey?
    Does a tom turkey taste different from a hen turkey?
    What does "Grade A" mean?