10 Tips for Grilling Turkey and More

Grilling season is back in session, and it's the perfect time for a little refresher course. Follow these simple tips to learn how you can take on turkey and get your barbecue chops back in no time.

TIP #1
Marinate Meats

Marinating is a great way to add flavor to meat and also to tenderize it. A good rule is to use 1 cup of marinade per pound of meat. Turkey parts require only a couple of hours of marinating time in the refrigerator.

TIP #2
Sweet Sauces

Since barbecue and other sugary sauces can burn easily, apply them to meat only during the last few minutes of grilling or after the meat has been removed from the grill.

TIP #3
Hardwoods for Smoking

If you're going to smoke turkey, the most popular hardwoods for imparting a strong flavor are hickory and mesquite. For a subtler flavor, try a fruitwood like cherry, apple or peach.

TIP #4
Use Tongs

When grilling, always use tongs to turn the meats. A fork will puncture the meat, causing the juices to escape and the meat to dry out.

TIP #5
Direct Cooking

Use direct grilling methods when cooking smaller turkey cuts that take less time to cook, such as tenderloins, cutlets and burgers.

TIP #6
Indirect Cooking

Use indirect grilling methods when cooking a whole turkey or large turkey pieces such as bone-in breasts, thighs and drumsticks.

TIP #7
Use a Cover

To achieve even circulation while grilling, use the grill cover. It will help reduce the amount of fuel required and prevent flare-ups.

TIP #8
Crack a Can

When grilling with the cover closed, open a can of beer and place the beer over the hottest part of the fire. The beer will boil and saturate the air keeping the meats moist while also adding flavor.

TIP #9
Grilling Fruit

To enhance the flavor of fruit, brush cut fruits with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar or lemon juice while grilling.

TIP #10
Grilling Veggies

Before placing them on the grill, brush oil onto vegetables to prevent them from sticking to the grates. And be sure the vegetables are dry before applying oil, or it won't stick.

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